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Floating Real Estate: Own A Luxury Penthouse on the Ocean

Own a piece of luxury real estate that goes where you go. Discover Mangusta’s latest superyacht! The company's new 128-foot luxury yacht has been described best as an “ocean-going glass villa” styled to feel like a Miami penthouse.

This newest model, called Ocean 39, was recently unveiled by Mangusta Americas, Stefano Arlunno. According to Alunno, the design of the luxury yacht was born out of the desire to please his discerning clients who had requested a tri-deck superyacht that would be smaller than its sister model, the Ocean 43.

As its proud owner, you will enjoy exceptional views from the glass terraces and spacious indoor and outdoor spaces with stylish interiors and simple yet elegant furnishings.

The Oceano 39 model is powerful to help cut through the seas with ease and to provide all passengers and residents a smooth ride. Imagine your Miami penthouse going anywhere you want her to go, that is the luxury of living on the Mangusta Ocean 39.

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